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Way better uploading

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Aug 3, 2023

Way better uploading

New import queue

Uploading assets is an essential creative workflow on Fable. However, sometimes these assets are quite large and can take a long time to upload and process. To improve this experience, we’ve created a new upload experience that keeps you informed about the import progress of your assets. No more guessing games or endless spinners – stay in the loop with the new import progress tracker.

Learn more about importing assets into Fable and the new progress tracker in our help docs.

Group controls

Groups are convenient for selecting and organizing many layers on your timeline. However, the inability to control their dimensions limits their design utility. Today, we’re fixing that by adding dimension controls and content clipping to groups. Now you can explicitly define the size of your groups and decide how you’d like a group’s children to display.

Unlock new creative flexibility to apply effects blocks to specific areas or set distinct dimensions for your scenes. Discover the new group features in our help docs.

All the blend modes

We’ve added support for the following blend modes found in Photoshop: Linear burn, Darker color, Lighter color, Vivid light, Linear light, Pin light, Hard mix, Hue, Saturation, Color, and Luminosity. These powerful blend modes allow you to create cool effects using multiple layers and images, giving your compositions that extra touch of brilliance.

Access these blend modes in the Inspector. Explore the possibilities of each blend mode in our help docs.

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Added the ability to apply multiple text behaviors and text animators to the same text layer.
  • Dragging video or image assets into Fable will create layers at the center of the canvas.
  • If you upload a new font using the custom font button on the font select, Fable will set the text layer to the custom font.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the editor to crash when copying and pasting keyframes on the timeline.
  • Resolved an issue with exports on projects with video that prevented exports from completing.
  • Fixed a rendering issue with the glow block that added black pixels around the edges of layers that the effect was applied to.
  • Fixed a playback issue that caused audio layers to play the incorrect portions of the audio file.
  • Resolved an issue that prevented users from dragging assets into a project on Safari.
  • Fixed an issue on the Inspector that cut off some controls for audio layers.
  • Fixed a bug that displayed assets with processing errors indefinitely on the asset browser. Now assets that have issues while uploading/processing will be removed from the asset browser.

Figma Plugin

  • Added support for importing Crop and Tile image fill modes. These will be imported as flattened image layers on Fable.
  • Added support for importing vector networks with contained and/or overlapping paths.
  • Added support for importing angular and diamond gradients into Fable. Now, all gradients will be added as images to maintain gradient transformations defined in Figma.