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Lottie file size reduction

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Oct 18, 2022

Lottie file size reduction

This week we improved our Lottie exporter by drastically reducing the output file size. On some of our tests, file sizes are 100x smaller!

Contextual Effects Browser

Fable has many effects and layer types, which can make it confusing to know which effects you can use in certain situations. We added a few improvements to contextualize the Effects Browser and make it easier to work with effects.

  • Effects in the browser will be disabled if they cannot be added to the currently selected layer.
  • When you hover over an effect in the browser, a description will explain what it does.
  • Some effects also feature a tutorial link that redirects to a help doc outlining all the effects' controls.

If you have any questions using effects or the effects browser, check out our effects help docs.

Bug Fix

  • Fixed a bug that caused issues on projects with pasted imports from Figma. Now exports and previews should work as expected for Fable-supported Figma files