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Introducing Remix Links

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Apr 26, 2023

Introducing Remix Links

Screenshot of Fable Remix mode

Say goodbye to the hassle of copy changes, image swaps, and tedious variations of existing projects. With Remix Links, enable anyone on your team to create project variations while maintaining brand/design consistency, no matter their motion skill level.

Remix Mode leverages variables you’ve created on your project to surface a set of controls you curate for your collaborators. Your teammates can create an unlimited number of variations using only the controls you specify. These changes do not overwrite the original project allowing you to keep your creative space pure.

Change copy, localize your stories, and reduce repetitive work in your motion design with Remix Links!

Try a Remix Link

Share your projects with everyone

We’re excited to announce that Fable now makes it easier than ever to collaborate and share your projects. With our redesigned sharing dialog, you have the flexibility to share your work with anyone you’d like to work with. There are two ways to share Fable projects:

  1. Share with individuals: You can share Fable projects with any individuals. These can be other teammates in your workspace or people you have email contacts for.
  2. Share with the public: You can make any project in Fable public, allowing anyone with the link to view the project.

Access the project-sharing dialog by clicking the share button on the top of the Editor when you have a project open. Learn more about project sharing on our help docs.

Fixes & Improvements

  • You can now import or paste SVGs with open paths into Fable. This should resolve many issues Fablers have reported bringing SVG data from other tools.
  • Now, when you drag images into your project from the Asset Browser or your computer, the layers that are created are named the same as the image file.
  • When you attempt to delete an image asset from the asset browser that is being used in your project, Fable will now prompt a confirmation dialog before you actually delete the asset.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the export download button to be missing from exports with long file names
  • Fable has removed the anchor point tool from the inspector due to issues when animating and adjusting shape layer dimensions. Instead, we recommend using controllers for transformation animations, which provide precise control over transformation origin.