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Hand tool and scrollbars

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Mar 24, 2023

Hand tool and scrollbars


  • Added support for using the hand tool while editing shape points. When editing or drawing paths with the pen tool press the SPACE bar to move your canvas while editing your shape.
  • Updated scrollbars on the Editor interface.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved a bug that caused a crash when detaching scenes that included layers with behaviors.
  • Fixed an issue that caused GIFs with transparent backgrounds to lose transparency when exporting at <100% scale.
  • Fixed an issue that caused public review links to not load.
  • Resolved a bug that caused the app to crash when navigating back on your browser when the share or export dialogues were open.
  • Corrected the way radial gradients display on rectangles. They are no longer cut off at the corners.
  • Audio no longer plays beyond trimmed durations on the audio layer.
  • When detaching audio from videos that have been trimmed, the audio now takes on the same trim.
  • When converting projects to scenes, variables from the original scene are now included.
  • Fixed errors that occurred when uploading custom font files.
  • Fixed an issue that caused text layers to distort when re-ordering them on the layer list.
  • Resolved a bug that prevented users with upgraded teams from using pro features on their private projects.