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Figma → Fable Integration

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Apr 19, 2022

Figma → Fable Integration

Demonstration of where you can find the Figma plugin download

Seamlessly transfer editable layers from Figma to Fable with just a few clicks. All complex components and frames are supported so you can create in Figma and animate in Fable. Preserved layer names and groupings help maintain your organizational workflow across platforms. The Figma Export plugin is free and available to all Fablers via the Figma Community.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Introduced the right-click menu; select the layer(s) to cut, copy, paste, duplicate, bring to front, bring to back, flip horizontal, and flip vertical.
  • Improved dialogue box styling and language.
  • Fixed a few bugs that caused faulty export of controllers, rounded corners, anchor points, and parented layers to Lottie.
  • Fixed a bug that switched category icons around in the Effects Library.