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Edge resizing and subfolders

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Jun 21, 2023

Edge resizing and subfolders

We’ve heard the feedback and frustration with layer resizing, and starting today, layer size adjustments on the bounding box will modify dimensions in one direction. This eliminates the need to reposition layers after dimensions adjustments and makes layers behave more intuitively on the canvas.

The modifiers for this new feature will be the same as transform controls:

  • Shift → Maintain dimensions ratio when making adjustments
  • Option → Adjust dimensions from the center of the shape

Transform controls (position, scale, rotation, etc.) will still happen at the center of the shape.


A single level of folders may not meet your team’s file management needs. Now, you can create subfolders, enabling deeper organization within Fable. Use folders to bucket similar projects, rearrange them, and maintain a tidy workspace.

Bug Fixes

  • Masked images are now supported on Lottie exports.
  • Resolved an issue where some projects with masks were exported incorrectly.
  • Fixed low-quality exports for GIFs when downsizing.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some TTF files to be incompatible with Fable. Now any TTF file can be used as a custom font in Fable.
  • Fixed timeline snapping when zoomed out on long-duration projects.
  • Corrected a bug that caused the project inspector to mistakenly hide properties on certain effects blocks.
  • Images imported from the Figma plugin are now added as shape layers with image fill instead of legacy image layers. This resolves rendering issues on Lottie exports.


  • Project width and height limits have been increased to 4096px for Pro accounts.
  • Increased individual file upload size limits to 2GB for Pro and Organization workspaces. Starter workspaces will still have a 250MB file upload limit.
  • Enhanced the playback experience when loading projects with assets. Projects will now play smoothly even while videos are still loading.
  • Redesigned project cards and addressed minor design bugs throughout the workspace.