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Convert text to shapes

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Jul 12, 2023

Convert text to shapes

Text to shapes

You can now convert text layers into fully editable shapes, granting you complete control over typography. From adjusting individual letters to refining spacing, curves, and corners, the possibilities are limitless. You can also animate the path data to create fully customized text animations.

Expanded language support

We've introduced full glyph support for all Latin script and Cyrillic script languages, Greek, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. Select or upload a font that supports the script you’re designing with, and all Fable text features (Behaviors, text animator, text to shapes) will be supported. Learn more about language support on Fable on our help docs.

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Removed rendering artifacts that displayed on certain characters at larger sizes.
  • Maintain shape proportions creation: If you create a shape while holding the shift key, the layer will automatically have constrained proportions set.
  • Static color picker for variables: You can now only close the variables manager panel by clicking the variables icon or pressing the escape key. This enables you to use the color picker tool while keeping the variables manager open.
  • Improved folder navigation: The workspace will no longer automatically navigate into subfolders when creating them.
  • Increased file upload size for PRO users: PRO users can now upload files up to 2GB in size. Free plan users still have a per-file limit of 250MB.
  • Added character selection in layer renaming. You can now use your mouse to select characters when renaming layers.
  • Resolved a crashing error that occurred when deleting an open scene from the Asset Browser.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented reordering layers when a layer was inside a multi-level-deep group.