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2023-05-04: Curve Editing, Keyframe Selection, Fixes & Improvements

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May 4, 2023

New Features

  • Adjust easing curves beyond the boundaries of the value curve editor. Any part of the bezier handle can now be used to select curves beyond the graph editor bounds.
  • Select all keyframes of a property by clicking the property title on the Timeline Layer List. Shift-select to select/deselect multiple keyframes.
  • Copy + paste layers with image fills.
  • Copy + paste text layers with custom fonts.
  • Copy + paste behaviors between projects.


  • Improved undo behavior for creating keyframes from property inputs on the timeline. Undo/redo now works for each keyframe created.
  • Improved undo behavior for creating multiple shapes on the canvas. Undo/redo now works for each shape created.
  • Increased the click area for the Inspector when working with image and gradient fills.
  • Adjusted the mode switcher to only display modes that team members have access to (e.g., collaborators only see 'review' and 'remix' mode).
  • Updated project cards and general styling on the dashboard.

Bug Fixes

  • Gradient swatch positions no longer reset when adjusting the rotation knob for linear gradients.
  • Hidden SVG layers now remain hidden upon import or copy/pasting into Fable.
  • Fixed an issue causing shapes to sometimes get stuck when adjusting dimensions on really narrow shapes.
  • Layers with empty image fills now render correctly on Lottie exports.