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Comments on Fable

Feedback is key to making any project great, but giving clear and helpful notes on videos is difficult. You need to write messages that reference specific timecode and pinpoint specific elements of the frame. Then, you send those messages over email, Slack channels, and DMs, creating a chaotic inbox for designers to manage. Friction like this makes collaboration hard.

Today, we're adding Comments to Review mode – leave actionable feedback in-line, in-time, all in one place. This isn't just about leaving notes; it's about unlocking your team's collaborative workflow to make your motion projects better, together.

Learn how to use comments on our help docs.

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Added support for importing TIFF image files.
  • Updated the default color of the Light sweep effect to white.
  • Added behavior timing adjustments to undo stack.
  • Added icons to group resizing controls.
  • Added the option to group single layers on the context menu.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented users from returning to the workspace on Review mode.
  • Fixed a UI bug that caused tools on the toolbar to disappear when the screen was too small.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some users to be unable to share projects with others.
  • Fixed a crashing bug when trying to load previous tabs on a project.
  • Fixed a bug that caused video layer with transparent backgrounds to export with opaque backgrounds.
  • Fixed layer name increments when duplicating layers on a project. Now, the layer name will increment correctly beyond 10.