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Comments on Fable

Feedback is key to making any project great, but giving clear and helpful notes on videos is difficult. You need to write messages that reference specific timecode and pinpoint specific elements of the frame. Then, you send those messages over email, Slack channels, and DMs, creating a chaotic inbox for designers to manage. Friction like this makes collaboration hard.

Today, we're adding Comments to Review mode – leave actionable feedback in-line, in-time, all in one place. This isn't just about leaving notes; it's about unlocking your team's collaborative workflow to make your motion projects better, together.

Learn how to use comments on our help docs.

Swap source files on video layers

Video layer inspector

Video layers can now swap their source files while retaining transforms, keyframes, and effects blocks on the layer. To swap the source file, select a video layer and locate the "Source" property at the top of the Inspector. The Source dropdown displays all video assets included in the project. You can select any of the assets on the dropdown to set it as the source file. If you want to use a video that is not in your project yet, upload the asset to the Asset Browser first.

Improved render quality

We’ve improved the rendering quality in the Editor when working with videos and images. You will notice a significant improvement in the rendering quality when using masks or adding raster effects to videos and images.

New canvas controls for Lines

We’ve changed the on-canvas controls for lines. You can now adjust the end points of a line without accidentally adjusting the transform scale of the layer. If a line is perfectly horizontal or vertical, end point controls will display, but scale controls will be hidden.

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Improved the responsiveness of the Editor when editing the contents of text layers on the canvas
  • Text layers now have the same Fill section as shape layers.
  • Add the ability to see all points on shapes with many points
  • Re-use the properties of the previously selected text layer when creating new text layers
  • Restyled the multiline text input on the inspector
  • Added guides to the dimensions of a group
  • Fixes an issue that caused the keyframe playback mode to intersect the timeline header
  • Fixed an issue that caused Lottie exports to use incorrect layer start and end times.
  • Fixed an issue that broke layer connections between children of a group when duplicating the group. Now, when you duplicate a group, mask and parent relationships will remain on the duplicated layer.
  • Fixed a crashing error when using the Figma plugin
  • Fixed an issue that ruined layers with parenting links when copy and pasting.
  • Fixed an issue that caused images to be exported at the incorrect position and aspect ratio
  • Fixed an issue that caused text descenders to get cut off when masks are applied to a text layer
  • Fixed an issue that caused text layers to not be included on group opacity changes
  • Removed artifacts from strokes with sharp edges
  • Fixed an issue that caused gradient fills to not go all the way to the corners on text layers
  • Fixed an issue that caused white space to display incorrectly on text layers
  • Fixed an issue that caused the contents of a text layer to jump when switching fonts
  • Fixed an issue that caused text layers to not be clipped by group “clip contents” setting if dimensions were larger than the group