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Workspaces overview


Workspaces help keep your shared projects and folders organized

Accessing Your Workspace(s)

Your workspace menu pulldown is located in the upper left corner of your dashboard next to your account name.

You can have one workspace or you can be invited to multiple workspaces.

When you select your desired workspace, you'll see the associated folders when you select each workspace and each workspace folder structure will look different based on their access to that specific space and project.

Workspace Settings

You can access workspace settings for any workspace that you have Admin access for.

Admin users will see theMembers & Settingsunder that workspace menu pulldown.

Admins are able to manage:

  • Workspace name
  • Workspace thumbnail
  • Workspace billing, if on an upgraded plan


Workspace Members

As an Admin of a workspace you can manage it's members' permissions.

  1. ClickMembers & Settingsbutton under the workspace menu pulldown
  2. Click onMembersto the right of Workspace name in the center header

On that page you can manage the permissions for each team member:

  • Admin: Can manage workspace settings, billing, and member access
  • Editor: Can create and edit workspaces, folders, and projects
  • Viewer: Can view team members, folders, and projects
  • Remove member - only Admins can remove members

Project Members

As owner of a project you can manage the permissions for each project member:

  • Can edit: Can access all modes, cannot share
  • Can collaborate: Can access remix and review mode, cannot share
  • Can view: Cannot edit or share
  • Remove: Removes the member from the project