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Workspace folders


Folders are a PRO feature that enable you and your team to organize projects in your workspace.


Fable dashboard view

Folders are dedicated spaces where you can group and manage related projects. Each project on Fable is organized into a folder. This structure leads to a clutter-free workspace, making it much easier for you to keep your projects neatly organized and simplify navigation within Fable.

Fable provides two types of folders: Private and Team. Each type offers different levels of access, allowing for flexibility based on your collaboration needs and project confidentiality.

  • Private Folders: Private folders are your personal spaces, accessible only to you. They're perfect for individual projects, initial drafts that aren't ready for team viewing, or any projects that require confidentiality.
  • Team Folders: Team folders are shared spaces where everyone in your workspace has access. These folders enable effective team collaboration and transparency.

Managing Folders

To rename or delete a folder in a private or team section, click on the folder you'd like to adjust and select the chevron next to the name of the folder header to select your action.


Subfolders are an additional layer of project organization that enable deeper organization when your team needs to bucket similar projects to maintain a tidy workspace.

Subfolders can be moved between top-level folders, offering flexibility to modify your project structures as they evolve. As of now, Fable allows only one layer of subfolders, meaning you cannot create a subfolder within another subfolder.

Managing Subfolders

To open in new tab, rename or delete a subfolder in a private or team section, click on the subfolders' 3 dots in lower right of folder to bring up a menu of 'more actions'