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Tips & tricks


Keep an eye on this living list of tips, tricks and reminders of best practices when using Fable


  • We recommend Chrome for best results when using our software.
  • We recommend using a laptop or desktop computer when using our software, versus an Ipad or smartphone.
  • Fable requires access to a reliable and stable internet connection.
  • If you experience any unexpected errors/issues, always refresh your browser and try again.
  • Refreshing your browser usually resolves an issue.
  • If your final deliverable is a smaller aspect ration, we advise starting with a larger canvas, giving yourself the flexibility to resize in the export window.


  • Diamonds ◇ have replaced stopwatches ⏱️ in our editor for setting keyframes, but you will still see watches in our some of our Youtube tutorials and some Help Center articles for now.
  • Always confirm you have the layer selected that you are wanting to effect (ie: master comp/canvas vs. a shape or text layer)
  • Multi keyframe animation is not supported yet.
  • Fable auto-saves as you go. But if you want to create a snapshot of where you are, click the rewind clock icon next to the Asset Browser and add a snapshot by clicking + in upper right corner.


Check out our Tips & Tricks playlist to help boost your workflow and bring your projects to life.

Like this video, showcasing how to animate text in 2 clicks with behaviors:

Or this video that shows you how to customize your color palettes: