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Export your first project


Fable supports a wide range of export settings, so your projects can be in the formatted for their intended destination

How to export & download

  1. Click the Export Button on the Header
  2. Click the plus + button at the top of the Export Panel that opens
  3. Configure your preferred export options on the Export Settings Modal
  4. Click the Export Button

After clicking the button, the Export Modal will close, and Fable will add your project to a queue for processing. The export panel will display a progress bar on how your export is progressing.

Once complete, you can click the download icon to download the file to your local machine.

Each project stores a list of its own exports on the Export Panel. These processed exports will remain on your sidebar in perpetuity.

Export Settings

When you create a new export, the Export Settings Modal allows you to configure your export to a desired format.

Basic export settings

  1. File name: This field lets you customize the name of your export and will automatically default to "Untitled".
  2. Preset: This field lets you to select export settings for common destinations (Youtube, Vimeo, Instagram, etc.). The automatic preset exports an H.264 .mp4, unless your project is transparent or translucent, then it creates a VP9 .webm.
  3. Export window: This field allows you to control how much of your project timeline should be included on export.
    ❗This only appears when your work area is shorter than your project duration.
  4. Frame size: This field lets you resize your export to a specified scale (percentage-based) or set of dimensions.
  5. Advanced options: Each export format has a set of advanced options to customize your export settings further.

Supported export formats

The left side of the Export Settings Modal lists categories of export types you can export from Fable.

Video: Select this category if you’re trying to export a video file for a streaming service or embedding on a website. Fable can export any of the following video formats

Vector animation: Select this category if you need a Lottie file to embed on a web page or app. Fable exports Lottie json files

Images: Select this category if you need a GIF, a single-frame image, or an image sequence