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How to export


In this article we'll go over the simple way to export your projects in Fable

The Export Button

In the upper left Action Bar of your editor you'll see the whiteEXPORTbutton.

  1. Click the Export Button on the Header
  2. Click the plus + button at the top of the Export Panel that opens
  3. Configure your preferred export options on the Export Settings Modal
  4. Click the Export Button

After clicking the button, the Export Modal will close. Fable will add your project to a queue for processing. The export panel will display a progress bar on how your export is progressing.

Once complete, you can click the download icon to download the file to your local machine.

Each project stores a list of its own exports on the Export Panel. These processed exports will remain on your sidebar in perpetuity.


How do I export something with a transparent background?

Turn off the canvas on your project (Project Settings → Canvas → Background Visible toggle)

Select a format that supports transparent backgrounds such as: VP9, ProRes 4444, or PNG. If your canvas background is turned off, the automatic preset will export a VP9 file.