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Variables Manager


Learn how to connect, expose, and control variables in your project or scene using the Variable Manager

Accessing the Variables Manager

You can open the Variables Manager by clicking icon in the top right corner of the Editor. If there are existing variables, the variables manager button will appear purple.

Elements of the Variable Manager

  1. Variable name and variable type icon
  2. Input for a variable’s value
  3. Rollup that displays the number of properties connected to the variable
  4. Variable settings

Using the Variables Manager

Create variables

  1. Click the icon in the toolbar to open the Variables Manager.
  2. Click the icon or the Create new button if no variables have been created yet.
  3. Give your variable a name and select a variable type.
  4. Click Create.

Modify variables settings

Each variable on your project has its own settings. This can be accessed by clicking the variables settings button on the variable manager.

The variables settings page displays a list of all layers and properties that are connected to the currently selected variable. On this list, you can:

  1. Select the layer using the crosshairs icon
  2. Disconnect the layer from the variable by clicking the property you’d like to disconnect
  3. Adjust number display properties. The Number and Number pair variable types have display settings that enable you to control the way you’d like your number variable’s controls to behave. You can select different formats (integer, decimal, percentage, degrees) as well as set minimum and maximum constraints.

Delete variables

  1. Open the Variables Manager
  2. Click the variable settings button for the variable you’d like to delete
  3. Click the at the top of the variable settings panel
  4. If a variable is connected to a property, you’ll receive a warning that requires confirmation to delete the variable. Click the Delete to proceed or Cancel to keep the variable