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Using Variables with Scenes


Learn how to easily adapt scenes using powerful controls known as Variables.

Variable scope

Variables on Fable are scoped to the scene/project they’re created in. This means that when you create a variable in a scene, those variables will not display on the primary project’s variable manager.

This scope limitation is designed to reduce clutter on your primary project as well as enable scene instance overrides


Overrides enable you to to create unique variations of your scene, by allowing each scene instance to deviate from its parent scene. Variables determine how much an instance can deviate from its parent.

When you create a variable within a scene, any instance of the scene gains a new section in their Inspector – “Variables.” This section displays all variables scoped to the parent scene.

When you adjust these input values, the instance you have selected will deviate from the parent scene, and the underlying properties connected to the variable you’ve adjusted will be updated. While this instance deviates from the parent scene, all properties that are not connected to a variable will continue to update based on changes to the parent scene. In this way, overrides enable you to contextualize scenes or experiment with variations without losing the re-usability of scenes within your project.