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Learn how to use Comments to leave actionable feedback on your projects - all in one place.


Comments are notes for leaving feedback on projects. They can be associated with specific moments in time or positions on the canvas, but this is optional.

How to create comments

There are 2 ways to create comments on your projects.

Use the Comment Tool

Screenshot of the Fable Player
  1. Open Review mode
  2. Scrub the timeline to a specific moment
  3. Activate the Comment tool on the toolbar or use the keyboard shortcut C
  4. Click anywhere on the canvas
  5. Add comment text and press Enter

Your comments will be associated to the location you selected and the specific frame you're paused at on the timeline.

Use the Comment Sidebar

  1. Open Review mode
  2. Use the "New comment" input at the top of the Comment Sidebar

By default, leaving comments on the sidebar will create a general comment that is not associated with a specific moment in time or position. However, you can click the timing checkbox on the bottom left of the input to associate the comment with this moment in time.

Replies & Threads

Screenshot of the replies section

You can use Replies to start conversation threads with your teammates on specific comments. To leave a reply:

  1. On the Comment Sidebar, find the comment you'd like to leave a reply on
  2. Use the "Reply..." input underneath the comment to write your response
  3. Press Enter or click the Send button


Fable will send in-product and email notifications to the appropriate people when you leave comments. New comments trigger notifications to full access and editor project members. When you leave a Reply, anyone on that specific thread will be notified.

In-product notifications can be found at the top of the sidebar on the workspace dashboard.

Screenshot of the organization dashboard

Permissions & Access

To give someone access to leave comments on a project, give them "Can Collaborate" permissions on the project.

  1. Open a project
  2. Click the Share button in the top right
  3. Enter an email or user name in the share dialog input
  4. Set the share permissions to "Can Collaborate" ("Can View" is the default setting)
  5. Click Invite

The invitee will receive an email notifying them that you've added them as a collaborator on the project. If the invitee is not already a member or guest in your workspace, they must accept the invite on that email before they can access the project to leave comments.

Deleting comments

You can delete comments or replies by clicking the [...] menu to the right side of the comment on the Comment Sidebar. If you delete a comment that has replies associated with it, the replies will also be deleted.

Only the person who wrote the comment and "full access" team members can delete comments.

Resolving comments

If you want to remove a comment from the sidebar but keep a record of it, you can resolve the comment. Resolved comments display in a separate section on the comments sidebar and can be viewed by clicking the "Resolved" button at the top of the Comments Sidebar.

To resolve a comment, click the check mark icon to the right of each comment on the Comments Sidebar.

You can also un-resolve comments if you'd like them to display on the "Active" comments section. To un-resolve a comment, open the "Resolved" section of the Comments sidebar and click the check mark icon to the right of the comment you'd like to un-resolve.