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Use Effects to customize your project in countless ways

Effects are blocks that can be used to customize the style of your layers in countless ways.


Effects blocks add unique visual effects, filters, and customizable controls to your projects.

Effects cover a wide range of functions, so we'll give a general overview of the effects categories below.

  • Shape - these effects manipulate the way your shape layers render
  • Text - the text animator enables you to individually animate the transform properties by character, word, or line.
  • Color - adjust specific color properties of your layer
  • Blur - apply various types of blurs to your layer
  • Filter - apply preset color filters to your layer
  • Stylize - covers things like drop shadow and glow
  • Distort - manipulate the entire bounding box of your layer
  • Simulate - replicates real world effects such as light sweeps and CRT lines
  • Transform - effects that procedurally affect the transform properties of your layer

Adding an effect

Screenshot of the Fable editor featuring the block browser button

To add an effect to a layer:

  1. Select a layer or set of layers
  2. Open the Block Browser by clicking the "Transition & Effects" button at the bottom of the Inspector
  3. Find the effect you'd like to add
  4. Click the effect on the Block Browser
  5. The effect will be added to the selected layer(s).