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The missing piece of the
design stack

Fable is motion software made for designers.
Polished, intuitive, and creatively unmatched.



Everything you need to design quality motion

Import, illustrate, and design quality motion without limits. Compose SVGs, images, videos, audio, text, photoshop, and Figma – all under one roof, with as much control as you need.

Video & Audio

Drag n' drop video files, soundtracks, and GIFs right into the editor.

Figma Integration

Bring editable layers into Fable as easy as copy and paste.

Photoshop Import

Import PSD files and retain your artwork layering and hierarchy.

Text Engine

Vector type as standard, plus thousands of fonts, or the ability to upload your own.

Vector Editing

Full control over vector artwork, or illustrate right in Fable.


Powerful masking controls let you compose with flexibility.


Animation tools for every level

Drag n’ drop presets and components to get you started, and a full animation engine with powerful controls when you need it.

Preset Motion Blocks

A library of motion presets to get you animating quickly.

Pro-Grade Timeline

A flexible yet compact timeline with keyframes, controls, and more.

Easing Curves

Easy controls to govern how motion feels.

Parenting & Controllers

Build relationships between layers, and drive motion with Fable "nulls."

Path Animation

Intuitively animate and orient along motion paths.

Text Animators

Control text motion down to the character.


Unmatched creative workflows

Pro-grade editing tools and tricks to express your creativity without limits, level-up your work, and keep you in flow.

Rich Effects

A vast library of effects, with easy but powerful property controls to make them your own.

Blend Modes

An array of blending modes to compose artwork and effects in real-time.


Groups are finally available in a motion timeline, unlocking so many possibilities.


Fable’s version of pre-comps bring structure and composition to your projects.

Version History

Never miss a beat, and create snapshots for key project milestones.


Configure common properties to iterate quickly and build dynamic motion rigs.


Ship everywhere

Export GIFs, MP4s, ProRes, and Lottie right from Fable, all in the cloud so you can keep working, even if you go offline.

MP4, MOV, ProRes

Export an array of video use cases with alpha.


GIFs are a click away – with and without transparency.


Production-ready JSON for websites and apps, without a plugin.


Animated image sequences in a flash.

Social Presets

Quick exports for YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and more.

Cloud Exports

Fables does the heavy lifting in the background so you can keep working.