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The Misadventure of Serendipity | Michael Luckhardt

Sep 9, 2022

The Misadventure of Serendipity | Michael Luckhardt | Ideas in Motion

Brought to you by Fable–Ideas in Motion is a series, streaming live on select Friday afternoons on YouTube. It's a space for real conversations with seasoned creators about motion, design, life, learnings, and more.

The Misadventure of Serendipity | Michael Luckhardt

In this episode, join Adrian and NYC-based creative Michael Luckhardt, who's a seasoned motion designer with experience spanning many creative disciplines throughout his career. Find out why they rave about the magic of saying "Yes!" more than "No." And hear all about what happens when things don't quite go as planned but instead turn out better in all the ways you never saw coming.

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Where to find Michael Luckhardt:

In this episode, we cover:

(00:00) Live

(11:49) Intro

(13:13) Michael’s reel

(14:20) Welcome to the show

(14:28) Origin story

(16:36) Getting a degree

(17:58) Animation vs. motion design

(20:50) Freelancing

(27:00) Amex Vine project

(29:00) Social media

(30:50) First oddball jobs

(35:00) Doing live shows

(36:52) Experience and lobby design

(39:41) Back to broadcast

(46:11) NFTs

(1:00:35) More misadventures

(1:02:47) Opinions on giving first holds

(1:09:47) Being asked to do a web series

(1:11:28) Describing NFTs to parents

(1:13:19) Advice for the younger self

(1:17:27) Flipbook animation

(1:19:19) Getting noticed as a freelancer

(1:25:50) Thanks Michael!

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