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Return on Imagination | Kaori Sohma

Fable·Nov 18, 2022

Return on Imagination | Kaori Sohma | Ideas in Motion

Brought to you by Fable–Ideas in Motion is a series, streaming live on select Friday afternoons on YouTube. It's a space for real conversations with seasoned creators about motion, design, life, learnings, and more.

Return on Imagination | Kaori Sohma

In this episode, join Adrian and seasoned Creative Director Kaori Sohma as they chat about the trials and tribulations of a prolific creative career. Finding success in a creative profession is full of challenges that make the much sought-after work-life balance ever-elusive. Budgets, corporations, personal interests, etc. all influence major career moves and affect growth. Find out how they manage when the pressure is high and hear about strategies to deal with the tough times when they inevitably arise, not limited to but including chain-smoking cigarettes.

Stream the episode here.

Where to find Kaori Sohma:

In this episode, we cover:

(00:00) Live

(00:04) Intro

(01:50) Kaori’s reel

(02:50) Welcome to the show

(03:02) Relationship with television

(04:43) Moving to the states

(06:31) Move to NY, Parsons, and finding motion

(09:31) First job

(14:07) Starting a studio

(18:17) Leaving the studio

(19:30) Freelancing

(20:08) Having a baby–work-life balance

(22:33) Nickelodeon and NBC

(22:48) Freelance vs. in-house + becoming a creative director

(26:50) Corporate world

(28:08) Leadership

(31:36) What makes a successful studio

(35:30) Being a creative in NYC

(35:56) Layoffs

(39:38) Would Kaori redo any part of her career?

(40:43) The pros & cons of working with friends

(41:47) Being a creative director

(43:20) Creatives of the future

(45:33) Equity in the creative space

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