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Reframing Time Off | Masayoshi Nakamura

Dec 16, 2022

Reframing Time Off | Masayoshi Nakamura | Ideas in Motion

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Reframing Time Off | Masayoshi Nakamura

In this episode, join Adrian and Animation Director Masayoshi Nakamura as they discuss a feeling commonly held by creative freelancers–it's that pesky inability to relax, even when there's nothing that you're "supposed" to be doing. Hear about some of the specific challenges as they explore the comical realities of being “off the clock.” Oh, that ever-elusive work-life balance is notorious!

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Where to find Masayoshi Nakamura:

In this episode, we cover:

(00:00) Live

(00:37) Intro

(02:17) Masayoshi’s reel

(03:17) Welcome to the show

(03:29) Japan, Manga, illustration & design

(07:40) Finding long format

(10:21) Albatross Soup

(12:15) Origin of the alias Good General

(14:30) Going by your real name vs. an alias as a professional

(18:30) Personal projects and animation

(22:34) Freelancer guilt

(30:30) Who is John? How isolation affects perception

(33:51) Getting caught up

(36:50) Upcoming projects

(40:10) Any funny lost-in-process stories?

(40:31) Advice for finding balance

(44:01) Dream project

(46:45) Career trajectory

(48:15) Short film brainstorm

(52:59) Biggest inspirations for films

(55:38) Leaving NY

(58:03) Vacation

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