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One Size Does Not Fit All | Julio Michelon

Jul 29, 2022

One Size Does Not Fit All | Julio Michelon | Ideas in Motion

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One Size Does Not Fit All | Julio Michelón

In this episode, join Adrian and wildly talented, Brooklyn-based Motion Designer Julio Michelon as they discuss the reality of what happens when the craft you love necessitates, or at least benefits, from a move abroad. Originally hailing from Mallorca, Spain–a beautiful Spanish island paradise (not exactly known for its bustling motion design industry), Julio found that his options were limited post-graduation and tried to compromise his interests for a short while. Then after three months of doing something he didn't like, he was like, "Okay, I really want to do something in the entertainment industry, so this needs to stop." From early interest to professional success, find out what has made Julio the designer he is today.

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Where to find Julio Michelon:

In this episode, we cover:

(00:00) Intro 

(01:20) Julio’s reel 

(02:08) Welcome to the show 

(02:37) The beginning 

(03:23) Julio’s first interest in animation 

(03:59) Finding direction 

(04:56) Getting a degree in Comunicaciones Visuales 

(06:59) Discovering motion design 

(09:32) Starting in the pure place where dreams are born

(10:54) Dragon Ball and Japanese animation 

(11:52) Finding the path and the idea of the "starving artist" 

(14:58) First real exposure to motion design 

(16:41) Finishing his degree 

(17:38) Not one size fits all 

(19:23) The most human part of the process 

(21:50) Searching for opportunities and leaving home 

(27:44) The driving force is circumstantial 

(29:13) The new norm with remote/hybrid models 

(31:16) Culture of storytelling vs. having the budget for it 

(38:52) Julio's first job in Boston 

(39:48) Creative control is market dependent 

(41:16) Julio’s dream project 

(43:36) Thoughts on DALL·E and AI-generated art 

(48:31) Career turning points 

(50:24) Julio's 3 AM inspiration 

(52:08) The magic wand skill Julio would want

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