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Introducing Fable's Figma plugin

Apr 22, 2022

We’re happy to share that we’ve launched Fable's official Figma plugin that makes transferring motion-ready assets from Figma to Fable as easy as copy + paste.

Fable already supports importing SVGs from other vector design tools. Designers can create assets with any tool needed for the project and import them into Fable for animation. Although this workflow is flexible, it forces designers to take file management steps that interrupt the creative workflow. So we asked ourselves, how might we make using Fable alongside other design tools feel as seamless as possible?

Motion Design in Figma

We noticed that design teams that build digital products, services, and experiences largely work in Figma. While Figma has many great tools for simple micro-interaction animations, it does not have a strong pipeline to other motion design tools for more thoughtful animation. This forces designers into a world of trade-offs where they can either keep things simple, or endure a bunch of workflow hurdles just to begin animating. We don’t think getting to the starting line for motion design projects should be so hard.

Considering Figma’s accessible plugin infrastructure and widespread adoption from design teams, creating a magical, seamless Figma integration was an opportunity our team was excited to jump on.

The Fable Export Plugin

With Fable Export, integrating with Figma is as easy as copy + paste.

Fable Export plugin opened in Figma
Pasting layers in Fable

No imports. No local filesystem. No layer prep.

Instead, use our Figma plugin to select any shape, group, frame, or component, and paste it directly into Fable.

Fable Export maintains layer groupings and naming conventions, so designers remain fully in-control of the layers they’ve kept organized in Figma. Unlike the previous filesystem workflow, Fable Export supports Figma frames and complex components, so no matter what type of asset is coming from Figma, designers will be able to animate them using Fable.

The Fable team is excited to give Figma designers first-class support on our platform. The Figma Export plugin is free and available to all Fablers via the Figma Community.

We’re excited for all the stories you and your team will create with Fable. Use the hashtag #madewithfable on Twitter and Instagram to share with all Fablers what you’ve made!