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Ideas in Motion: Don’t Miss the Stories Behind the Stories

Mar 6, 2023

Ideas in Motion

Fable’s mission has always been to empower folks to tell stories. So we thought, let’s double down and get into the stories behind the stories.

Ideas in Motion is a Fable series, streaming live on select Friday afternoons on YouTube. It's a space for real conversations with seasoned creators about motion, design, life, learnings, and more.

Pursuing a professional career in creative industries can be intimidating, isolating, and competitive, but it can also beget collaboration, connection, and the ultimate: mentorship.

We’ve been continuously delighted to host talented creatives hailing from far and wide, with storied freelancers and in-house powerhouses sharing their invaluable insights and unfiltered musings.

Amidst sincere discussions, lighthearted debate, and that one live-drawn animation of a butt, we’ve affirmed that creative journeys and perspectives run the gamut; there’s no right or wrong way, just passion and perseverance. Don’t worry, we talk about burnout too. oddly comforting wink

That one live-drawn animation of a butt, courtesy of Mark Phillips.

To our guests, thank you for your time and tellings.

To our viewers, more to come. May our chats inspire, reassure, and at the very least, provide entertainment.

Don’t miss a beat–more incredible guests with ideas to boot coming soon.

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