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Friends Now, Friends Forever | Melody Shih

Aug 5, 2022

Friends Now, Friends Forever | Melody Shih | Ideas in Motion

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Friends Now, Friends Forever | Melody Shih

In this episode, join Adrian and Brooklyn-based creative Melody Shih, who is a seasoned art director with a passion for motion design and illustration. They discuss the challenges of finding and growing your community when you're an aspiring creative professional. Originally from Taiwan before making NYC her home, Melody speaks to these challenges with experience, not to mention, she's become a community pillar in her own right and a badass educator, shaping the next generation of designers

Remember, sharing is caring and snacks are critical.

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Where to find Melody Shih:

In this episode, we cover:

(00:00) Intro

(01:29) Melody’s reel

(03:05) Welcome to the show

(03:31) Early artistic interest

(04:43) Discovering art as a pursuit

(06:32) Finding motion

(08:02) Joining and contributing to the community

(09:46) Becoming a teacher

(11:05) Student work breaking convention

(13:56) Changing and finding new communities

(15:32) Entering the industry and making connections

(16:54) Sharing is caring

(17:18) Sending cold emails

(18:38) Peer-to-peer relationships and feedback

(21:36) Finding community in a new city

(24:44) Go-to communities

(25:11) Share your admiration with others

(26:56) How to be present in a new space

(28:33) Representation within the industry

(31:25) The global creative community

(33:35) Finding your people and honing "the pitch"

(43:00) Finding the events/meet-ups to attend

(44:38) What do we need more of?

(45:23) Promoting/starting a new group

(46:37) Current inspirations

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