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Fable's new brand

Jun 17, 2021

Image of Fable's new brand

Storytelling has always been at the core of Fable. In fact, the first lines of code we wrote were all about empowering artists with a tool to create interactive stories for kids — a brand that was still echoed when we raised our Seed.

Fast-forward to today, our new brand in partnership with the talented folk at The Collected Works pays homage to our storytelling roots by now making space for the creators to tell theirs. Our wordmark puts artists and designers first by getting out of the way, leaving three canvases as windows into each project — forming the Fable “F”.

We hope you admire the identity as much as we do. This refresh paves the way toward our ambitious vision as a creative platform for all: A brand that is both accessible and empowering, dynamic and bold, fun and lively.

Fable brand

Fable brand

– Team Fable