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Back to Basics | Jordan Knight

Mar 31, 2023

Back to Basics | Jordan Knight

Brought to you by Fable–Ideas in Motion is a series, streaming live on select Friday afternoons on YouTube. It's a space for real conversations with seasoned creators about motion, design, life, learnings, and more.

Back to Basics | Jordan Knight

In this episode, join Adrian and Motion Designer Jordan Knight as they talk about managing a creative lifestyle, standing up even when you feel bogged down by the projects in your lap, and prioritizing your mojo!

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In this episode, we cover:

(00:00) Live

(00:05) Intro

(01:50) Jordan's reel

(02:33) Welcome to the show

(02:49) Creative interest & growing up in upstate New York

(04:45) Why SCAD?

(06:13) Graphic designing for a beer distributor

(07:30) Moving toward and starting in motion

(09:44) Feeling the pressure

(11:41) Being a serial hobbyist and snake mom

(14:40) Mixing mediums

(16:16) When shit goes south

(21:08) The soft pitch to the therapist

(25:03) Resetting creative

(31:56) Reigniting creative interest

(33:05) Back in NY

(34:20) Is burnout preventable?

(37:30) Words of advice for anyone who's going through it

(44:23) Thanks Jordan!

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