The web-based motion design platform.

Fable empowers creators to tell stories by making motion more intuitive and collaborative.

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Fable is powerful for pros, intuitive for beginners, and puts collaboration at the heart of the experience.

All good fables have morals. Here are ours.

Moral #01:

Teamwork makes the dream work.

Fable is purpose-built for collaboration. With team workspaces to share projects, media libraries to keep work in sync, and built-in version control, it's all in the cloud so you can focus on creating – together.


Moral #02:

Ease Into It.

We know motion design can be intimidating at first. Fable is designed to make it intuitive to take the first steps and has powerful tools to explore as your skills develop.


Moral #03:

A seamless transition of power.

If you're a veteran motion designer, you need powerful tools. Fable features a suite of pro-grade and rich effects – making your switch to the browser seamless.


Moral #04:

Great stories aren't created alone.

Feedback should be painless. That's why projects can be shared with just a link, comments happen inline, and exports render offline – so you can spend less time rendering and more time creating.


Moral #05:

Exclusively for everyone.

Fable is so much more than software. We're a community of makers, creators, and weirdos from all kinds of backgrounds who believe everyone should have access and opportunities to tell stories with motion.

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