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The web-based
motion design tool

Fable helps teams animate better together by making motion design more intuitive and collaborative.
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A modern take on motion design

Create in the browser. With Fable, there is no software to install or keep up-to-date, files are accessible from anywhere, and projects are automatically backed up.

Usable meets capable. Fable is designed to be intuitive whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting started. And beyond the timeline there’s a suite of effects, procedural motion tools, and even a particle engine.

Effortless Exports. Save projects as GIFs or HD videos with simple or advanced options that continue rendering even if you go offline.

Animate better, together

Instant Sharing. Share projects privately or publicly with a unique link. No exporting or waiting for renders to finish, and teammates can access from anywhere.

Unlimited Viewers. Invite as many people as you like to view published or in-progress projects. You have full control over who is shared and what they see.

Inline Commenting. Invite clients or teammates to leave comments at a specific time and place on the scene. No more emailing feedback back and forth.


A Modern Take on Motion (Jun 2020)